7 Generations


Theophile Meyvaert

Founder of the 1st industrial mirror factory.


Albert Meyvaert

Albert took the lead just when the 1st World War started.
That’s why he needed to move to Cardiff, Wales, where he re-started his activities and employed some 100 people.


Fritz Meyvaert

He was only 18 years old when he followed up his father when the latter unfortunately passed away.
Once back in Ghent he opened, besides a new mirror factory, a first shop for private persons, thanks to his drive and passion.
Freddy Meyvaert was also the founder of the Ghent Annual Fair.


Francis Meyvaert

In the mid 60’s Francis became CEO of the mirror factory. At that moment a drama happened and the company was fulled burned down.
Thanks to his energetic and innovative spirit Francis fully re-build the company and as a first in the sector he focussed on processing of glass and mirrors for the furniture industry.
This was also the beginning of a worldwide export of these products from America to Australia, Europe to Africa.


Alex en Bernard Meyvaert